Saturday, 12 May 2012

The stats show I am getting fitter

I spent Sunday with aches and pains in the legs and hips. On Monday I found that I couldn’t get out of a chair without limping. Looking back I spent the whole week doing personal bests with a 5 mile run and Two 5k runs (explained in the last post).

On Tuesday I went to work with pains in my legs, but during the day they were getting better. When I got home from work I found that the leg had just dull aches, so I thought I would try the 5 mile run being that I was just going to run at a nice steady pace.

I found that once I had finished the warm up walk that I couldn’t feel any aches or pains, so I started the 5 mile run. A mile in to the run I was feeling okay, so it was just a case of keeping to a nice pace and keeping the breathing steady. The last couple of miles felt harder and my legs were getting tired, I was wondering if I was going to be able to finish. I kept pushing right to the end and was relived that I had completed the 5 miles but happy at the same time.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5 Mile

On Wednesday I didn’t feel too bad, I though this was a bit strange as I had really pushed to finish the 5 mile run and thought I would have lots of aches and pains. By the time I jumped on the Treadmill I felt pretty good so I thought today I am going for a personal best. Halfway thorough the run I was thinking if I had done the right thing as I found it quite tiring. I did finish the run without slowing down, I was so tired at this point but couldn’t wait to see the time that I had achieved. When I checked Garmin Connect I was very please to have done a 27:22. At this point in time, I don’t know how I will better that time, but I am sure I will be in time when I am fitter.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 1)

Thursday I though that I should do a 5k run with an easy pace being that I have done a 5 mile followed by a 5k with a personal best time on the following day and now another 5k which will be the last run of the week. So far my legs are not feeling too bad. I looked at the 5k run that I had done a month ago and thought I would run at the same pace to compare.

I found this run fairly easy with a nice pace to run at, I wondered at this point in time if that feeling was mainly down to all the pushing I have done and that I was getting fitter or if this was just one of those days where I am having a good run. Once the run was over I looked on Garmin Connect and the stats and compared the run I had just done compared to the same run a month ago.

The first thing I noticed was that the calories was 448 which was down from 511, the other main thing I noticed was the Heart Rate. Avg HR was 139bpm (75%), down from 150bpm (81%). Max HR was 162bpm (88%) down from 176bpm (95%).

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 2)

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (from a month ago)

The stats really do show that I am getting fitter. I find it is really very pleasing and motivating to look at the stats.

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