Thursday, 24 May 2012

A difficult week

I opened all the windows for ventilation and let any breezes through, then got myself ready for the usual Monday 5 mile run. I started off with the usual 5 minute walk and then followed on with the start of the 5 mile run. Once I started the run I had some pains just above the ankle on the inside leg and both hips where aching. After a mile had been completed I found that the aches had gone away and I had settled in to the run.

Once I got half-way (2.5 miles) I found that I was getting quite hot and my mouth was getting dry, I took a couple of sips of water and carried on. After a few more minutes I found that my face was getting tingly and I was feeling a bit light headed, I took on some more water and though this would just pass.

After a few more minutes I had to abort the run due to feeling very hot and light headed. After a 5-10 minute sit down I felt okay, but I am feeling very disappointed that I had to abort the run, this is the first time this year this has happened. I’m not sure why this has happened as it is not that warm, unless I have not drunk enough water during the day making me dehydrated.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5 Mile (Did Not Finish)

Throughout the day I had been drinking more water to make sure that I was hydrated. I had been wondering if I should take a day's rest to completely get over the run I had yesterday or to do an easy paced 5k run.

When I got home my legs were not too bad and I felt okay, so I decided to do an easy paced 5k run. I opened all the windows and got ready in to my running kit, it had been warmer today than yesterday so I thought what I will do is take frequent sips of water throughout the run.

I set the Garmin for the 5k run that started off with the 5 minute walk, followed by the 5k run. This run was to take about 30 minutes, so I had mentally prepared myself for that. After I had completed 10 minutes running, I checked the Garmin to see that I had completed about a mile so I knew I was on track.

The next check was at 15 minutes into the run, this was halfway and the Garmin should read that I have done 1.5miles with 1.5 mile to go. What I looked at the Garmin I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw, it said I had 3.5 miles to go. I thought ‘oh crap, I’ve only gone and selected the 5 mile run instead of the 5k run’. The thoughts going through my head at this point were, I wonder if I can run 5 miles as it is hotter today than yesterday when I had to stop the run. I am also thinking that I have mentally prepared myself to do a 30 minute run, can I now change my thought process into lasting out for 50 minutes? What if I can’t run 5 miles and have to abort this run like yesterday, how will I feel about that? By the time all this had gone through my head I had done 3 miles, so this meant that I had another 2 miles to go, which is 20 minutes.

What I thought to myself was if I think that I have run a mile, then mentally this will help me to complete the next 2 miles. This thought process only lasted for half a mile, but I told myself I only have 1.5 miles to go, that will be 15 minutes, so pace yourself to the end. I found the next 10 minutes went by quickly as I was thinking of work and the problems that I have dealt with during the day.

The last 5 minutes I just couldn’t switch off, they lasted a lifetime or that’s how they felt. I managed to finish the 5 miles and also noticed that I had finished of a bottle of water while running. I felt pleased to know that I have completed this week’s long run and after checking out the Garmin Connect website found that I had also achieved a personal best time as well, but only by a little.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5 Mile

I decided to do a run today even though it has been hot all day and I felt a bit drained from being in a hot office all day. I thought that if I just run at a nice steady pace (6 mph) then I should be able to zone out and the time will go by quickly.

It seemed that the plan worked out as I found the run fairly diffcult in the heat, but I could zone out to some degree. I made a conscious effort to keep sipping the water to keep myself as hydrated as possible without drink too much each time. I had plenty to think about work which really helped the time go by quickly, this seems to help my breathing as well keeping me calm throughout the run.

I found my heart rate a bit higher than it has been in similar runs, but I put this mainly down to the heat in the room.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k

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