Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another week with a personal best time

I started the week off as usual with the longer run. I did the 5 mile relatively okay, by concentrating on the breathing to keep the heart rate as low as I could. I noticed that my heart rate and calories burnt had come down, this is encouraging as it shows that I am getting consistently fitter. After this run it has left me wondering how long it will be before I should attempt a 10k as this would be another mile longer which will take around 10 minutes more, have I got enough in me to push that extra bit?

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5 Mile

On Wednesday I felt like I had recovered from the previous run and thought to myself ‘I wonder how fast I can run a 5k, what is my limit?’ I jumped on the treadmill and did my usual 5 minute warm-up walk. Once the warm-up walk had finished I pushed the speed up from 4mph to 7mph (normally 6 – 6.2mph). Once I had covered half a mile my thoughts were ‘Christ, this is a bit too fast for me', I had started to breathe fairly heavily’. I decided to carry on until a mile had been covered and then assess if I will have to slow down or abort the run.

By the time I had done a mile I felt that I had taken control of my breathing and found that I had settled in to the run as much as possible. I started to land on the heels a bit, so I altered that back to landing on the ball of the foot or a bit flatter. I got to the halfway point still concentrating on the breathing and how I was landing, I seemed to be doing okay at this point.

The run was okay right up to the point where I had a mile to go. I seemed to be getting tired and the thought of slowing down started to come back. I decided to carry on and just concentrate on slowing the breathing down. I found the pace was a bit too much with only half a mile to go and at this point I started to feel a bit sick which was the first time I have had this feeling while running. I thought to myself ‘I have come this far, don’t slow down now, keep going’. I tried to take my mind off the running but I just could not think of anything else apart from ‘I feel bloody knackered’.

Just a tenth of a mile to go and boy was I finding this hard, my thoughts at this point were that I had to complete this now as I was going to feel a complete Muppet giving up at this stage of the run. When the Garmin started to beep and vibrate, the sense of relief was just overwhelming, I just could not wait until the 5 minute cool-down was complete so that I could check the Garmin Connect website for the stats.

Once I had finished my stretching I just collapsed in to my chair and popped on to the Garmin Connect website, I was very pleased to have done the 5k in 25:27 minutes. My maximum heart rate was 180bpm (97%), while the average rate was 150bpm (81%). I really do think this will be my limit for some time now, as this run was very uncomfortable to complete, but a big achievement to get the personal best time.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 1)

During Thursday I had been aching all day at work, so I thought the run later will just be nice and steady. I found the 5k a bit painful and tried to keep my thoughts away from the aches and pains by listening to a Formula 1 podcast (Spanish Grand Prix), I found this worked quite well. Time went by really quickly to the end of the 5k run, I got off the treadmill thinking ‘I’m glad this week is over, I can now rest for the next 3 days before the next run’.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 2)

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