Sunday, 6 May 2012

Continuation of the 1st 5 mile run week

The week started of with a 5 mile run which is detailed in the previous post. I had a rest day on Tuesday and found that the pain around the ankle area started to come back.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5 Mile

Wednesday the pain was better so I went ahead and did a 5K run. I speeded the Treadmill up a notch to 6.3mph and did the complete run in that time. I did not feel too bad after and was quite pleased to feel that 28:12 was good progress for me and I found this motivating.

Garmin Connect - Treamill - 5k (Run 1)

Thursday I still had the pain above my ankle but it was not any worse, so I decided to do another 5K run. This time I raised the speed of the Treadmill up to 6.4mph to see if this made much difference. I found this was a bit harder to keep running at this pace and wondered during the run if I was actually going to finish without slowing down. I pushed on to complete the run with a time of 27:44, I was really happy with this but knew I wouldn’t be able to better this time just yet.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 2)

When logging on to the Garmin Connect website, I compared the two 5k runs this week with another from the previous week. I can see that I am getting fitter and improving slightly with is all encouraging.

I have found that during Saturday and Sunday that the pain around the ankle area has got worse. It has not stopped me walking around but I am aware there is a pain there every time I walk and especially when I go up and down stairs. I find that the muscle hurts to touch as well. I am now worried that this will not go away and will put a stop to the 5 mile run I planned for Tuesday.

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