Monday, 16 April 2012

4 mile goal now achieved

I have been thinking if I should try running 3.5 miles or push it to 4 miles all day. I came to the decision of doing 4 miles based on that last week I ran for 3.1 miles so I am doing another 9 minutes to get to my goal. The other thought was that last week when I completed the runs I was not that much out of breath and felt I still had a little more in me. My only concern was can I do this without any injuries. I had not run since Thursday so I thought today would be the best day being I have had 3 days rest.

Soon as I got home I grabbed the Garmin and created a workout that consisted of a 5 minute walk, 4 miles run, followed by another 5 minute walk. I got myself ready and then jumped on the treadmill. I had opened a couple of windows for ventilation and to cool the room down, but the temperature was still 21.5c (10c outside temperature).

I started the treadmill of at 4 mph which is the standard speed I use to warm up with and carried on until the Garmin beeped and vibrated, this was the signal that the 5 minutes were up and it was time to start the run.
The first 5 minutes in to the run went by fairly quickly as I got carried away listening to a Formula 1 podcast, this was a talk about the Chinese Grand Prix that happened on Sunday. 7 minutes in to the run I started to feel a twinge in my left foot, I am thinking to myself ‘marvellous, that is all I need now’. I started to concentrate on how I was landing on the foot and trying slightly different positions to land, but within 2-3 minutes that twinge went away.

I found that about every 5 minutes I was taking a sip of water as I was getting a dry mouth, even though I was not breathing very heavy. I found that time went by fairly quickly while I was zoned out listening to the podcast, I felt like a mechanical machine just going through the motions until it was time to finish the run and start the 5 minute cool down walk.

It only became apparent to me that I had run further when I finally stopped the treadmill to do a few stretches, I did feel a bit more tired than normal. I uploaded the data from the Garmin to the Garmin Connect website to have a look at the data. I think what I will aim to do is another 4 mile run next Monday and then compare the data to see if I have improved enough to run a little bit further.

Garmin Connect
Treadmill - 5min-4mile-5min


  1. Well done Graham! And even more congrats for running on a treadmill!

    Persevere with the outdoors running though - pace is key - run slowly as you can - there's no machine to dictate your pace. It might be worth seeing if you get on with the Virtual Partner on your 610 to help out with this.

  2. I have taken your advice and have been running outside this year, I have really improved a lot. I think the problem with the treadmill is there is nothing to look at apart from yourself in the mirror.

    I have been running further now as you will notice in some of my latest blog posts.