Monday, 2 April 2012

1st Run Outside


Through the week I had been debating if I should do a run outside on the Saturday morning as I wouldn’t be running until Tuesday late afternoon. I decided to set the alarm and get up in the morning, have a look out of the window to see what the weather was doing.

Once the alarm went off and I had enough I pressing the snooze button I got up and had a look out of the window. It was dry outside but looked a bit gloomy. I went downstairs and checked the temperature and found it was 10c. At this point I knew I was going to do the first outside run. I didn’t bother with anything to eat as it was only going to be two small runs and wouldn’t take long to complete.

I pondered on what to wear and decide it would be too cold for running tights with no pants on, well you can’t take the chance being in that state if a woman is jogging in the opposite direction can you? I put the heart rate monitor belt on and a long sleeved running top.

What I had in mind was to have a 3-5 minute warm-up walk, run a mile along the path, have a rest and run a mile back followed by a 3-5 minute cool down walk. This would be a nice easy first run outside so nothing could go wrong.

I logged on to the Garmin Connect website and created a 1 mile workout, then downloaded that to the Garmin Forerunner 610. I got half a small bottle of water as I was not going to be long. I am now ready at this point and just going over a check list in my head.

I left the house and walked up the road to the point where I was to start the run. I set the Garmin for the 1 mile workout and started to run. 5 minutes in to the run I found that I really getting out of breath, I couldn’t believe it and wondered what was going wrong. I looked down at the Garmin and found that I was doing 7.5mph, I normally run at 6mph on the treadmill, so I came to a walk for a couple of minutes. I started to run again and found I was battling with finding a pace to settle down with, but completed the mile run. I thought to myself ‘thank God that’s over, but hang on, I have to get back home’. I stopped at the bus shelter for a 5 minute rest and thought over the run that I had just done.

I started the 1 mile workout on the Garmin again at still found it very difficult to keep to a steady comfortable pace, I ended up coming to a walking pace out of breath again for a few minutes before carrying on with the run again. This continued for the rest of the mile, I just could wait for the run to be finished and get back. I was completely knackered.

Once I got back I uploaded the data from the Garmin to the website to analyse what had happened. I found my pace was all over the place and I had run a lot faster than I normally would.

What I have learnt is that running outside is completely different to running on a treadmill. This is going to be a new challenge I will have to master if I am going to find a 5k event to run.

Garmin Connect
1 Mile Run - 1
1 Mile Run - 2

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