Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A true 5k on the treadmill

I have been pondering if I should run to the Couch to 5k podcast week 9 again but thought I will need to break away at some point so why not now.

I logged on to the Garmin Connect website and created a workout then downloaded it to the Garmin Forerunner 610.

The workout consisted of:
  • 5 Minute warm up walk
  • 3.1 Mile run
  • 5 Minute cool down walk
Got myself ready with my running kit on and filled up the water bottle as usual, then jumped on the treadmill. One last thought if I should do this programme or just repeat week 9. I thought sod it, let’s do the Garmin workout.

Still feeling a bit groggy with the tail end of a cold like virus, I started off with the 5 minute brisk walk at 4mph. The Garmin beeped a few times and then vibrated to signal the next stage of the workout.

I pressed the up arrow on the control panel to 6mph which is what I normally run at. I was now thinking to myself that I normally run for 30 minutes which would make the mileage 3 miles, so I adjusted the speed to 6.1mph and thought that should make the difference of 0.1 mile in a 30 minute timeframe. I found that time went by fairly quickly as I had been thinking of some things I had been doing at work.

Before I knew it the Garmin beeped a few times followed by a vibrate to tell me to slow down to 4mph for 5 minutes.

Once the workout was over I realised just how much the workout had taken it out of me, so I had to miss out on doing 30 minutes of some weights. My legs don’t feel too bad so another run is on the cards tomorrow.

Garmin Connect
Treadmill - 5min-3.1mile-5min

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