Monday, 1 July 2013

1st week back from holiday and the end of June

Monday 24-June-2013 – This was the 1st run since being back from holiday, so I felt that my aches and pains had gone away which I started to suffer from just before going on holiday.
I started off at a nice steady pace but found getting in to a nice breathing pattern was hard. I found that over the course of 4 miles that it was getting increasingly difficult, I wondered what was going on as I had only been off on holiday for a week.
On the last few miles I found that I was developing an ache in my knees and hips, this was quite strange as I have not been suffering with this in the last few months. The only thing I thought to myself was that maybe I pushed too hard through the run, but I did not have any personal bests to show for it.
During the evening I was in a lot of pain and could barely move without my knees and hips hurting so much. The next day the pain had turned to aches, so moving around was a lot better.

Wednesday 26-June-2013 – I started off in the normal way of getting in to a nice steady pace and trying to sort out the breathing. My knees and hips did not feel too bad but I found it very hard to get in to a steady pace to settle down to.
By the time I had done 4 miles and had reached Bosworth Bridge, my knees had started to ache a bit. From this point I decided to walk up the hills to limit the damage on the knees and hips. This strategy seemed to work for a while but the last 3 miles I found it very difficult to carry on as I was in a considerable amount of pain, I just could not concentrate on a running pace of breathing.
When I got back to Sutton Cheney Wharf I just collapsed on a bench and stayed there for a good 45 minutes trying to recover before I could jump in to the car and drive home. When I got home and looked at the running data from my Garmin and Endomondo (iPhone), I really didn’t think I would be anywhere near getting any personal bests, but I was very surprised to see that I had gained a few personal bests. During the evening I found myself hobbling around the house like I was on Monday evening, the run had really taken it out of me.

I managed to do some personal bests:
Copper (12 mins) – 1.44 Miles (2.33km)
1 hour – 6.44 Miles (10.38km)
1 Mile – 8m: 04s
10k – 57m: 24s

Friday 28-June-2013 – The weather had been very dull and it had been raining on and off all day. I decided to pop out for a short run as I had been suffering with my knees and hip, so I suppose you could call this a recovery run.

After a couple of minutes running it started to rain, I hate the rain but I hoped it was only a short shower. The rain lasted for just over half of my run, I was feeling very tired but kept on pushing before the rain started again and knowing my luck it would be a heavy downpour. My knees and hips did not feel too bad, there was a slight ache, but I had developed a bit of pain in my ankles. I just could not believe it, I seem to be going through loads of injuries at the moment. I kept on pushing until I had completed the 5k and then dropped down to a walk for a cool down.

When I got home and checked the data on the Garmin and Endomondo, I thought to myself that no wonder I was knackered and aching I had done my fastest 5k.

I managed to do some personal bests:
3 Mile – 26m: 49s
5k – 27m: 46s

Sunday 30-June-2013 – This was a recovery run that was done in the morning as I wanted to watch the Formula 1 (British Grand Prix) that was going to be on TV at mid-day. I had a couple of sips of squash and got ready to go out, the weather was quite overcast. When I got outside I felt a few spots of rain and thought, I am to get wet and I hate the rain.

I was surprised how warm it was out there during the run, I felt quite empty not having ad any breakfast so it was a new feeling for me to deal with. I also felt a bit dehydrated as well, but kept on having sips of water from the water bottle I took out with me.

I did not have many aches during the run, so was quite pleased with that. I also did not break any personal bests but was a fairly good run for me.

Endomondo Monthly Challenges

Bear in mind that I had a week off on holiday, this is what I managed to achieve.
Running Rotten Egg Award June (Most km - Running) - I managed to get in to the Elite Egg Awards and got to Titanium which was for people who had run 77.6 miles plus. I had achieved 93.11 miles.
Rotten Egg Award June (Most calories - All sports) – I got to Crystal which is for people who burned 17,000 calories or more, I burned 17,064 calories for May.

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