Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A week of not much rest

Tuesday 16-July-2013 – When I started this run it was 28C, the temperature had dropped a bit but there was no wind. I started off and got into a nice steady pace but just could not get the breathing right no matter how much I tried.

By the time I had done 4 miles I was fairly tired and my knees had started to ache a bit. I thought it would be best if I walked up the hills so as not to aggravate my knees any more. The heat was getting to me as well at this point as I had been running in the direct sun with not much shade. I kept on sipping water and was careful not to drink too much or I would run out.

Running down the single lane road from Market Bosworth I had to drop down to a walk for a short distance as the knees and hips were aching. I was extremely hot at this point but carried on, thinking the temperature will be dropping a bit and I will have some shade soon.

By the time I got to Ambion wood it was a Godsend with all the shade, it really did make a big difference and felt cooler. By the time I got to the canal I felt a bit better, but knew that most of the remaining journey would be in the direct sun and I would be suffering with the aches still.

By the time I had finished the running I was so glad, it really was an unpleasant experience running in the direct sun and it seemed that nothing had come together making the run an ordeal. I drank a 1 litre bottle of squash over a short time, I must have been dehydrated.

Wednesday 17-July-2013 – I went out in the morning before it got too hot, the temperature was already at 18C and rising quickly. The idea was to do a steady recovery run as I was getting knee pain in my last run. A mile into the run I had to drop down to a walk, I was totally out of breath. I was wondering if this was because I had not had any breakfast and not drunk much to rehydrate myself.
I carried on a short way and had to drop back down to a walk again as my knee was starting to ache, so I thought I will do a quick walk and then go back to a run again. The rest of the run consisted of dropping back to a walk and doing short runs.

Thursday 18-July-2013 – It had been another very hot day so I spent most of the day hydrating on water. By the time I went out running the temperature had come down to 27C, which was still hot in the direct sun, but better in the shade.

My knees had been playing up but they felt okay, right up to the point where I had 3 miles left. My right knee started to ache and was getting progressively worse. My hips that I had some aches with during the week were okay. The run consisted of running and dropping down to a walk, I just could not control my breathing today and my heart rate climbed fairly quickly resulting in me falling back into a walk for a short distance until the heart rate had recovered enough to carry on.

I was glad to have finished the run as the heat really does take it out of you. When I got back I drank a 1 litre bottle of squash while sitting on a bench overlooking Sutton Cheney Wharf.

Friday 19-July-2013 – This run was a recovery run as I have been having some aches with my knees, when I started the run the sun was out and the temperature was already 21C. It was a case of trying to run in as many shaded areas to keep cool, I found that keep sipping water while running was helping.

I managed to get around without any aches or pains so I was very pleased with that. By the time I finished the run the temperature has soared up to 26C.

Saturday 20-July-2013 – The temperature was 21C but it was sunshine and cloud, there was also a nice cool breeze. I changed the route slightly to extend the 3 mile route into a 4 miles route. I kept running in all the shady parts of the path to keep out of the direct sun, but the cool breeze helped.
I had a couple of niggly aches in the legs that soon disappeared after a mile, but mostly the run was ache and pain free. I will use this route in the future during the winter months as it was quite a nice route.

Sunday 21-July-2013 – The day was overcast and the temperature was very cool compared to what it had been during the week. I set off getting into a nice running pace, I was trying to maintain 6mph. I managed to get the breathing sorted out quite early on in the run and this kept the heart rate down. I felt a few spots of rain but the cool still morning felt quite strange as I have been running in the hot sun feeling drained most of the time.

Another runner caught up to me and ran along with me for about 0.3 miles while we had a chat, it was nice to be running along with someone. He had already done nearly 10 miles and still looked quite fresh, he said that he was going to do another 4-5 miles. He upped his pace a little and went off into the distance while I was still maintaining my 6mph pace and breathing.

I managed to get round the 4 miles route without any problems which I was fairly pleased with. I found a bit later on in the day that I had developed an ache behind one of my knees, I gave it a little massage to loosen it up a little which did seem to help.

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