Friday, 14 June 2013

2 10 Mile runs, Half Marathon and 1 stone in weight lost

Sunday 09-June-2013 – The weather was sunshine and cloud, it was fairly warm when the sun was out though. I made sure I had taken on lots of fluids during the day and for lunch I had a nice light salad.

I set off and got into a nice steady pace and the breathing also was a nice steady pattern. I felt the heat from the sun when it was out and it was going to be out more than in as there were not many clouds in the sky at this point, there was a nice breeze though.

Once I reached 3.5 miles in to the run I had to stop for a wee, it must have been down to all the fluids I had during the day had caught up with me! I did not stop very long so it did not hurt the times too much, but at least I was more comfortable now and could concentrate on the run.

As the weather was nice and it was a Sunday the route was fairly busy with families out and dog walkers, this did not hinder me too much thankfully. By the time I got back to the car I really felt the toll of the run in the sun (that rhymes) and felt quite dehydrated.

I managed to do some personal bests:
Copper (12 mins) – 1.38 Miles (2.23km)
1k – 5m: 00s

Garmin Connect - Sutton Cheney Wharf, Ambion Wood, Canal, Market Bosworth

Tuesday 11-June-2013 – The day started off when I looked out the window and thought I will wear my long running trousers and long top as it was cloudy outside and a bit chilly. When I got to Sutton Cheney Wharf the sun was out and it was quite warm, I thought to myself that I am wearing the wrong clothes in the heat. I set off and tried to get in to a nice steady run as quick as I could, as this was going to be a tough run in the heat.

After I had covered 4 miles the sun went in and the wind got up, this was a nice welcome breeze to cool me down just before running up a hill into Market Bosworth from the canal bridge. I ran through the square at Market Bosworth and through a gate that leads to a single track road, when I was coming up to 6 miles it stated to lightly rain. I hate the rain but this was quite welcome to cool me down a bit, and the rain did not last very long.

When the single track road ends I turned right up a road for a short way to a car park and then this leads to a right of way on the edge of a number of fields. The grass on the field was long enough to make my trainers a bit wet, I was concerned that my feet would get wet and I would end up with blisters. As I ran through the fields I tried to pick my feet up as much as I could to help them stay dry.
By the time I reached the Bosworth Battlefield Centre I was quite tired, I think the style as I ran through the field used more energy than I thought it would do. I carried on and thought if I concentrate on the breathing then it will be okay. I ran through Ambion Wood, along a disused railway track and got to the old disused railway bridge that crosses the canal. I had done 8 miles at this point, so I thought I wonder if I can do a further 5 miles to make this run in to a Half Marathon (13.1 miles). As I started to run along the canal for the second time today I started to work out how far up the canal I would have to run. I knew that from the railway bridge to the car it was just over a mile, so if I ran up the canal for 2 miles and turned around then the mileage would work out nicely.

I tried to get back in to a nice running pace and sort out my breathing along the canal. Once I had covered just over a mile along the canal it started to rain and then gradually got heavier, this was not a pleasant experience for me but all I could think of is I have just under a mile to cover before turning around.  I kept on checking the Garmin until I reached 10 miles, I turned around and headed back along the canal in the rain. I found running along the canal in the rain was quite an ordeal, I could get back in to a nice running pace but just could not sort out my breathing. I noticed my heart rate monitor was reading a low heart rate, I tried to wipe underneath the chest strap but this did not make any difference. The rain stopped and I started to dry off in the wind, I was so tired at this point and had to fall down in to a walk for a short time to calm down. I found that I had to keep falling back in to a short walk after each half mile and was so tired.

I was so glad to get back to the car but was so happy that I had covered 13.1 miles. My legs were like jelly and I could barely walk, I had to sit on a bench for 40 minutes until I was able to drive back home. Once I got home I uploaded the data from the Garmin to Garmin Connect and checked the Endomondo site to find that I had got 6 new personal bests. Even though it was very tough going I thought the day was a big success.

I managed to do some personal bests:
Copper (12 mins) – 1.39 Miles (2.24km)
1 hour – 6.36 Miles (10.24km)
1k – 4m: 28s
1 Mile – 8m: 05s
10k – 58m: 34s
Half Marathon – 2h: 13m: 57s

Garmin Connect – 13 Miles, Sutton Cheney Wharf, Ambion Wood, Canal, Market Bosworth

Thursday 13-June-2013 – After looking at the weather forecast I decided the best thing to do was to go for a run earlier than normal due to the heavy showers that had been forecasted for later in the day. When I arrived at Sutton Cheney Wharf the day was very cloudy, windy and a bit muggy.

I set off at a slow pace as normal and found it to be very windy at times, after a few miles I had a bit of a washed out feeling. I continued on as I thought the washed out feeling would just wear off and I would be able to get in to a nice running pace.

During this run I had to drop down in to a walk for a short time to catch my breath, I found I just could not get into this run at all. I found it very hard to get into a nice running pace and my breathing was all over the place which was very off putting. I was very glad to get back to the car as I was so tired, not long after I got in to the car it rained quite hard so I was lucky not to be caught out in it. I think that I had not fully recovered from the previous run which gave me the washed out feeling, I maybe suffering with overtraining as well.

On the up side of today run, I managed to do some personal bests:
Copper (12 mins) – 1.40 Miles (2.26km)
1k – 4m: 24s
1 Mile – 8m: 04s

Garmin Connect - Sutton Cheney Wharf, Ambion Wood, Canal, Market Bosworth

On 19-April 2013 a holiday was booked and I was 14 Stone, my goal was to lose 1 stone in 2 months. I am pleased to say that I have reached my goal, I now weigh 13 stone. Once I get off holiday the next goal will be to get my weight down to 12.5 stone.

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