Sunday, 2 June 2013

The last two runs before the end of May and the Endomondo May Challenges.

The weather was a bit wet this week making the canal running a bit muddy. I have missed out on a run which makes me out of my routine on running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Being that I have the Endomondo on my iPhone I joined some challenges for May which are as follows:

Running Rotten Egg Award May (Most km - Running) - I managed to get in to the Elite Egg Awards and got to Pearl which was for people who had run 93.2 miles plus. I had achieved 99.55 miles.

Rotten Egg Award May (Most calories - All sports) – I got to Crystal which is for people who burned 17,000 calories or more, I burned 17,023 calories for May.

500 calories a day keep the doctor away (May) – The challenge was to burn 15,500 calories in May, I managed this as I burned 17,023 calories.

I was expecting to have some sort of badge in my Endomondo profile, but there is nothing so I am left wondering what the challenges are for.

Monday 27-May-2013 – Today was a warm day but quite windy with strong gusts. I didn’t really feel my best and had to force myself out, I am still trying to lose 1 stone before I go on holiday and only have another 5lbs to go in 3 weeks. The other thing that really pushed me out was that it was forecast to rain on the following day and I hate the rain as well as making the canal path muddy.

I set off at a reasonably slow pace to warm up and found myself negotiating through people that were out as it was a bank holiday. I find it infuriating when people can see you coming along and don’t move over a little to let you past without brushing past them. Most people I find have been really good, they let you past and greet you with a ‘hello’ as well.

I found I had to break back in to a couple of 30 second walks before reaching the 4 mile point which is the Bosworth Bridge along the canal. I thought to myself that if I have to walk a couple of times on the way to the 4 mile point then what is it going to be like on the way back. I kept on having sips of water from one of the couple of water bottles that I carry on my running belt, I also found the running belt really needed to be tightened up a little being that I have lost a bit of weight it has become a little loose resulting in it bouncing about which was a little off putting.

On the journey back I had to keep dropping back into a walk and having sips of water, I felt quite dehydrated at this point and was wondering if I should have not bothered coming out on a run. I felt my face getting hot and was just longing for the run to be over. I found that I just could not settle into a nice steady pace with a nice breathing pattern, which I am sure did not really help. When I got back I looked at the overall time and I was astonished that I was only about 5 minutes more than my previous run.

Garmin Connect - Sutton Cheney Wharf, Ambion Wood, Canal, Bosworth

Thursday 30-May-2013 – It had been raining for a couple of days so I ended up missing yesterday and doing the run today. The canal footpath was mostly okay but in places it was a bit muddy which involved negotiating my way through the muddy patches. Surprisingly I still had a few minor aches in the legs from the last run, so I thought today I am going to take it steady.

I decided to run past the Bosworth Bridge where I normally turn back and ran for a further 0.5 mile. I suppose I was wondering what the footpath on the other side of the bridge was like, well the answer was very similar to the 4 miles of footpath I had just run. I had to keep going down into a walk as I just could not get into a steady pace. I really felt the extra mile that I did as my legs ached so much, I felt good that I had covered the miles though and burned the calories towards my weight loss.
Garmin Connect - Sutton Cheney Wharf, Ambion Wood, Canal, Bosworth

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