Monday, 10 June 2013

Stepping up to 10 miles, not once or twice, but three times

Monday 03-June-2013 – The weather was a nice blue sky with a few clouds, so I decided to put my shorts on and running t-shirt and head off to Sutton Cheney Wharf for a gentle run in the sun.

I set my Garmin and headed off from Sutton Cheney Wharf along the canal path and into Ambion wood. I ran up to the Bosworth Battlefield centre and turned left as I normally do along the stony path and back in to Ambion wood. After a while I came to a disused railway which has been converted into a path, I took the path and headed down to the disused railway bridge which is where I joined the canal footpath.
Once I was on the canal footpath I felt fairly good as I was in a nice steady running pace and my breathing was nice and steady as well. I felt really good all the way along the canal and when I reached the Bosworth Bridge I decided to run up to Market Bosworth. Previously I have struggled to get up the hill and had to walk most of it, but this time I got up the hill without stopping.
Once I reached the top of the hill I checked my Garmin and it showed that my heart rate was 165bpm, I started to take some slow deep breaths for a while which helped to bring the heart rate down to 150bpm. I ran through the square at Market Bosworth and took a single track road with a gate you have to open to drive though, there was a car going through as I approached so I didn’t have to mess around opening the gate and closing it.
The single track road seemed to go on for ever, but I kept a nice steady running pace and kept the breathing nice and steady at around 150-155bpm. When I reached the end of the road there is another gate to open or you can take a little track that bypasses it which is what I took. I turned right and headed up a short hill to a car park on the left and headed along the footpath on the edge of 3-4 fields. This brought me alongside the Bosworth Battlefield Centre, I looked at the mileage on the Garmin and noticed that the big loop was 7 miles. I was still feeling pretty good at this point and couldn’t understand what I had done differently, I decided the today was the day I was going to do 10 miles.
I headed off along a path and into Ambion wood, the disused railway track and joined the canal north bound for the second time today. The idea was to do a small loop to for the extra mileage, so I ran along the canal until I came to a hump back bridge, I came off the canal footpath and over the bridge and along the road. After a short distance I reached Shenton Railway Station, I ran through the car park, across the tracks and along a path that runs alongside the station building. Once I got through a couple of gates the path leads up a small hill then after a short while there is a second hill. I managed to get up the hills without stopping and carried on past the King Richard III sun dial and along the path back to the Bosworth Battlefield Centre. I checked the Garmin and noticed that I had done 9.3 miles, I thought to myself that I would have to do a tiny loop around a field outside the Bosworth Battlefield Centre to make up 0.2 miles. Once I had done the tiny loop I headed off into Ambion wood and finished the run after 0.5 miles where I first set off at the beginning of this run.
10 miles is my personal best distance, I really don’t know how I managed to do this amount of miles and all without walking unless I was going through a gate. My legs were like jelly so I had to sit down on a bench for half an hour before driving home. I wonder how long it will be before I feel like this again and am able to run this distance again. 

Garmin Connect - Sutton Cheney Wharf, Ambion Wood, Canal, Market Bosworth

Wednesday 05-June-2013 – I managed to do the same route as I had done on Monday to see if doing 10 miles was a one off. Once I got in to a nice running pace and got the breathing nice and steady the miles just seemed to go by fairly quickly.
I was very pleased to finish the run and knowing that getting to 10 miles was not a one off, even though my legs were aching like mad afterwards.

Friday 07-June-2013 – I found todays run very challenging in the heat, I was having digestion problems with feeling a bit sick. My mouth was getting very dry so I had to keep sipping on water which was making my digestion problem worse. In the first 4 miles I nearly gave up but I kept going and found that the problem seemed to get a bit better.
I had to drop down to walking on a number of occasions as I just felt so tired even though my heart rate was okay. When I got back I was very surprised to see that I have got some personal bests as I really didn’t think I was anywhere near getting any.
I managed to do some personal bests:
1 Hour – 6.3 Miles (10.2km)
3 Miles – 27m: 15s
5K – 28m: 07s
10k – 58m: 43s

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