Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sutton Cheney Wharf, Bosworth Battlefield, Shenton

This was another run with my neighbour, we parked just outside the gates of Sutton Cheney Wharf and you now have to pay to park in the car park. The day was quite hot so I decided to change my running gear to shorts and short sleeve t-shirt to try and keep the body temperature down.

We walked across the car park and past the Café building where there is a gate, this is where I set the Garmin and started a slow run while my neighbour decided to walk a bit more to warm up. I thought if I keep the run very slow then he will catch up being that he is fitter than I am.

The path ran alongside the canal and disappears in to Ambion wood for nearly half a mile, I kept up the slow pace and as I got to the other side of the wood I looked back to see him coming along. I carried on slowly towards Bosworth Battlefield Centre and then turn left along a track that goes back in to Ambion wood. After a 5 minutes run the track comes to an old disused railway line which I took a left to go down. I followed the railway track down to an old railway bridge where I took a short breather, my neighbour had now caught up at this point.

We ran Northbound up the canal at a steady pace, I got my breathing sorted out which seemed to keep my heart rate down to around 150 bpm. We eventually came to an aqueduct which is where we came off the canal footpath. There are some steps that lead down to a road, we turned left and headed towards Shenton village.

After a short run on the road there is a gate that we climbed over to continue along through a field full of sheep, this lead us to another gate which crossed a field with cows in. The cows seemed to stop what they were doing and started to looks at us running through their field, with some cows crossing in front of us, I’m sure they were trying to put us off.

We eventually got to the top of the field which was up hill to join a road which we turned left on. This road went over the canal and past a farm. Just past the farm there is a car park to Shenton Station which is part of the Bosworth Battlefield Railway, we went through a couple of gates that crossed the railway line and walked a short way to the side of the station building where there are another couple of gates.

The track goes alongside a field with sheep in and up a short hill which I managed to run. My neighbour had a short stop while I carried along the track to the next short hill, I managed to run up the hill but had to take a breather at the top. While I was waiting for my neighbour to catch up I was trying to take in long slow breaths to bring my heart rate down while enjoying a nice view across the Battlefield.

Once my neighbour got to the top he had a lay down on the grass, he was having a bit of an off day and was feeling very tired. He said that if I wanted to do another circuit around while he was recovering then he would wait.

Off I went through Ambion wood, along the disused railway track and along the canal. I managed to keep to a nice steady pace and keeping the heart rate to 150-160 bmp turned off and the aquaduct and along the road to the gate, across the couple of fields and back up the road to Shenton Station. I didn’t quite manage to run all the way up the short hill, I had to break into a walk just a short way to the top. I carried on running to the next short hill where I did manage to run up back to where my neighbour was waiting for me. I had to have a short break while catching my breath back.

After a short while we set off past Bosworth Battlefield Centre and in to Ambion wood, we only had a half a mile to go so I got in to a nice steady pace. It didn’t take very long to get through the wood and out the other side where the path follows the canal to Sutton Cheney Wharf, I stopped the Garmin at the gate that leads to the car park where we walked through and had a sit down on a bench for a well-deserved break.

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