Monday, 6 May 2013

Sutton Cheney, Stapleton, Bosworth Battlefield, Sutton Cheney

Today my legs were aching from a mixture of my last run a couple of day ago and possibly a load of gardening I had done yesterday. I planned to go out of a run with my neighbour at 3pm and it was going to be a 4 mile route (the same route that was done on Monday).

As we came to Sutton Cheney Wharf we noticed that the car park looked full, so we decided to do another route. We parked outside the Hercules Pub in Sutton Cheney and got ourselves ready for the run.

We walked down the road and a short way along a footpath until we came to a stile, we hopped over the stile and I set the Garmin (Forerunner 610) and the run began. We ran through a few fields, some of which were ploughed, and then ran through a field with a horse roaming around which lead us to a children’s playing field with swings in. There was a 5-10 minute break in the playground before we backtracked along the route we had just come along and back to the car.

Once we arrived at the car I paused the Garmin and we had a water break while deciding where to go as we had done about 3.5 miles. A decision was made for the next part of the route which was a short 0.5 mile drive to a couple of fields away from Bosworth Battlefield Centre. I unpaused the Garmin and created a split and then decided that I would run the 0.5 mile to the next start point along a path.

Once I arrived to the start point where my neighbour had parked, I created another split on the Garmin and then had a small sip of water before we started the next part of our run.

We ran across a few fields to the Bosworth Battlefield Centre and then on towards an old unused railway track via Ambion wood. When we exited the woods we turned left and headed towards an old railway bridge that spans across a canal.

We took a short path from the bridge down to the canal where we turned left and continued up the canal. I seemed to feel okay at this point as I got into a nice slow run and controlling my breathing, until we reached a bridge with a road going over it. We took the road which leads to Shenton station which is a part of the Bosworth Battlefield Railway Line.

We crossed the line by going through a couple of gates and through another couple of gates at the side of the station building. The track went up a little hill and alongside a field that leads to another small hill. We had a small rest to get our breath back and a small drink of water while soaking up the fantastic view across Bosworth Battlefield.

The run started again and headed off into Ambion wood towards the disused railway line, once we got to the disused railway line we turned left and ran down towards to old railway bridge once again. When we arrived at the railway bridge we took to the canal but this time we turned right that leads to Sutton Cheney Wharf. I found I had to try and get into slow run and concentrate on the breathing again. I was very surprised that the run along the canal went by very quickly and that I managed to continue without stopping, I was really tired at this stage.

There is a bridge that crosses the canal to the Sutton Cheney Wharf car park which we just walked across to give us a little break. Once in the car park we carried on through the car park and along a path that runs alongside the canal and once again into Ambion wood. I really don’t know how I managed to carry on but I did, I suppose it was the thought that we were not far from where the run was going to come to an end. I found running on the side of the track on the pine needles were softer to run on and more comfortable, it wasn’t that long before we came out of Ambion wood through a couple of gates and a short distance to Bosworth Battlefield Centre where we turned down the side of the building to a gate where the run came to a stop. At this point I looked at the Garmin and notice the mileage was reading just over 8 miles. We walked across a couple of fields using this as a cool down towards the location where the car was parked.

This run is the furthest I have ever run and is a personal record for me, I really don’t know how I managed to cover the 8 miles plus. I feel great having achieved today’s run but I can’t help thinking that I will be suffering for it during the evening and the next day.

Garmin Connect - Sutton Cheney, Stapleton, Bosworth Battlefield, Sutton Cheney

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