Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Another route at Sutton Cheney Wharf

It’s been a nice change going for a run with my neighbour, generally the pace has been slower and with more stops than I am used to but the distance has been further. I have found so far my legs are not so achy the next day.

The route used parts of the route I have used for the past 4 runs, so I was reasonably familiar with it. We started off with a little walk for a warm up and then once we got to the other side of a gate I set the Garmin to record the route. I started the run at the pace I normally do but this was too quick, I found it hard to keep to a slower pace to start with, but after 5 minutes I settled in to the run.

The run took us alongside the canal and into Ambion woods. After a while the path comes out of the woods and heads towards Bosworth Battlefield Centre. We turned left next to Bosworth Battlefield Centre and headed off along the track in to the woods. This track comes out on an old disused railway line which we turn left and followed down to an old railway bridge.

When we go to the railway bridge we could follow the path alongside the canal, I found this a little hard going as the path was a bit uneven and had pot holes to watch out for. We ran as far as the next bridge which is where we left the canal and joined a road. The road went over the bridge and past a farm (which smelled due to muck spreading), after a little while we entered a car park for the Battlefield Railway Station at Shenton.

We picked up the track which was just across the car park and over the railway line. This lead us through a couple of gates and headed towards Bosworth Battlefield. The path goes up a couple of small hills but enough to tire us both out as we stopped at the top of each hill to catch our breath back.

Once at the top of the 2nd hill we decided to follow the path down the hill and turn right back in to Ambion Woods and headed off towards the old disused railway. Once we got to the old disused railway track we turned right this time which took us back up to the Battlefield Railway Station at Shenton again.

Once we reached the Battlefield Railway Station we once again headed along the track and up both of the small hills, taking a small break at the top of each hill. At the top of the 2nd hill the views are just fantastic, it is so peaceful up there taking in the view which you can see for miles across the green fields.

After a short break we headed off along the track, past the Bosworth Battlefield Centre and headed off back in to Ambion Woods. We only had a half of a mile left and at this point I was glad in a way that was not going to take us too long. We settled in to a slow steady pace and ran through the woods and finally alongside the canal to Sutton Cheney Wharf where I stopped the Garmin at the gate we started the run at.

We walked from the gate to the edge of the woods and back again as a cool down, then finally sat down on a bench watching the world go by as we recovered.

I’m glad I did the run and enjoyed the route, but it really shows I have a long way to go until I am fit enough to be able to run the route without small breaks. We have agreed to take a days rest and do the same route the following day.


  1. Wot, no photographs? Good route description but would be even better illustrated.

  2. I agree with you, but when I am out running I am just on a mission to finish the run. The countryside really is a beautiful place to round around Market Bosworth though, so if you are ever in the area then take a little look around.