Friday, 29 June 2012

1st week back from holiday, its been a difficult one

This week was all about running 5ks to get back in to it. I started the week off on a high. I went to work on Monday and spent most of the day going through emails and catching up with where I left off before going on holiday. I came home eager to get on the treadmill and knock a 5k out. I found myself running with fresh thoughts of the holiday which made the run go fairly quickly.

I went in to work in the Tuesday and went to a 9:30am meeting to find out that I am now on a 30 day consultation period as my job is at risk of redundancy. This is the time when you think ‘oh Christ, that’s all I need’. I was told during the 30 days consultation period that I will not be required to go in to work. I went home in disbelief that this was happening and decided to jump on the treadmill to do a 5k run, I’m sure you can appreciate this run was not full of thoughts of the nice views at Santorini, it was full of work. I found that run went by quickly but was hard due to the heat.

The following two days I have done 5k runs with thoughts full of work. Both runs were hard due to the heat but went by fairly quickly. I have now put a fan in the room to try and get some air movement as just having the windows open is not having much effect on its own.

Until the temperature gets a bit cooler then I can’t see myself getting past 5k. I really have found them difficult with not much energy left afterwards.

I wonder what next week brings.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 1)

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 2)

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 3)

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 4)

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