Monday, 25 June 2012

1st run since coming back from a break at Santorini

I have spent a couple of weeks away from the treadmill and found the first couple of days in Santorini (Greek Island) I had aches and pains. During the course of the holiday the aches and pains went away. I did notice that a few people were running early in the morning, but even in the morning it was still hot. I did take my running gear out there just in case I wanted to do just a couple of miles, but looking at the people running it just looked too painful and they looked a lot fitter than me. I did quite a bit of walking around and swimming so I was reasonably active as I only put on 4-5 pounds of weight over the two weeks.

Not been looking forward to jumping back on the treadmill, but I thought the longer I leave it the worse it will be. I got myself ready and jumped on the treadmill for the warm up walk which seemed to go by very quickly. When the Garmin beeped and buzzed I knew it was time to up the speed from 4mph to 6.2mph for a steady running pace.

I found that I was running a bit stiff but after 5 minutes I seemed to relax and found myself thinking ‘this is just great running without any aches or pains, I wonder how long this will last’. The run went by fairly quickly due to getting lost in the thoughts of the place I visited and the views on Santorini. At times I got so lost in the thoughts I felt like I was still there, with short bursts now and then back to reality of the running.

I finished the run feeling quite tired, so I am hoping that as the week goes by the runs will get easier. I am not planning on doing anything more than 5k runs this week to get back in the swing of it.

Garmin Connect - Treadmill - 5k (Run 1)

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